Thursday, 21 August 2014

Corner Shop

This is one of those 'wish I'd thought of that' moments. In  Bethnal Green, East London, Lucy Sparrow has converted an abandoned corner shop into an art project with 4,000 handmade felt products. She's got everything you would want in your local. Shop's open until the end of August!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sweet Success

Coco Cakeland is a handy site for bakers and decorators! I have Oscar's 1st birthday creeping up (where HAS the time gone?!) and I am already teeming with excitement over what cake to make him. Oh the choices!! You see, growing up in our house, the birthday cake was very important. Every year my brother, sister, and I would spend ages pouring over the pages of the Australian Woman's Weekly Children's Birthday Cookbook. Any Australian or New Zealand kid from the 70s or 80s will tell you the same.
I've been collecting inspiration on my Pinterest Party board for a while now but still am leaning towards an AWW Humpty Dumpty cake. With probably a modern update to the styling. My Dad and Mum made that cake for me, and I remember it vividly.
We always had pretty much the same routine; Mum would bake the cake, then usually head out to work her night duty shift at the hospital (Mum's a midwife) and Dad would be tasked with decorating it. Now, the thing to note about my Dad is that he's basically an OCD perfectionist. He would re-create the cake we had so carefully selected with perfect detail. I would say they were often better than the ones in the book. He's use the star-shaped nozzle and pipe little stars to build up the cake decoration.
The cakes would be mounted on a piece of aluminium-covered chip-board, and stars were piped by the cake for candles to be placed in, and often our name or 'Happy Birthday' piped also on the foil. Never on the cake. Masterpieces as they were. I intend to keep up this tradition, and cannot wait for cake #1. I'll be sure to post the results. In the mean time, I'm going to study this video and keep flipping through the Birthday Cake book and scouring Pinterest for inspiration...

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sugro Lego

Amazing Lego life-hack awesomeness by Sugro.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Paper Your Walls

It's here! Wallpapers designed by Rifle Paper Co. for Hygge and West! My pal, Liv, who always has a finger on the pulse of all things beautiful and decorative for the home brought this to my attention. I have loved Rifle Paper Co. for a while, and was lucky enough to have had them do my wedding invitations which I just adored. Now I can surround myself with their floral style in my marital bliss.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Monkey Puzzle

Baby is at Grandpa and Gandma's, husband in London for work – finally I can catch up on my blog :) Still struggling to combine motherhood with all my pre-mum hobbies. So many things I have to share. And I'll start with this little monkey puzzle by Russia designer Alexander Kanygin. Beautifully designed and packaged.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Heatwave Hallen

What a glorious weekend we just had. A heatwave in Amsterdam took temperatures up to 34°, my weather app tells me. But hot and muggy as it was, there were things to be done. Ij Hallen was on, and thankfully inside the hangers where is was a bit cooler than outside, and this time I was shopping for the office. We've just moved into a newly renovated space – it's gorgeous – but needs some finishing touches still. Cue; flea market treasure hunting to the rescue! I'm not going to share the items I found here, but you'll have to wait for the big reveal down the track. Here are the few items that crossed my path I couldn't resist. Above: set of 36 screen-printed wooden tiles that tell a story in 6 parts. Just beautiful, and in mint condition. I doubt they've ever been used. So when the time comes to tell Oscar about picking cherries to make jam, or how flower is milled, I'll be all set. €6.
Quite unlike me, I bought some records. Totally suckered in by the covers. They're lovely though, and were only €1 a pop.
Lastly, two Russian ambulance cars, and a set of domino's I just really got for the box. €6, and €2 respectively. Very happy with my haul, thank goodness I had my Dad and Edu on hand to help me get all my work treasure home!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Miako Magic

Berlin has style in spades. And it also has Miako Gubler. A visual artist now focusing her attention on image-making and sculpture, Maiko has designed these gorgeous 3D printed bracelets. I really want one!!

Monday, 14 July 2014

An Eye On Brooklyn

Good morning and happy Monday. Wanted to share with you all these striking eye-motif ceramics by Demitria Chappo Ceramics of Brooklyn. Nice site, and even nicer Instagram feed

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Good Chemistry

This weekend just gone my little family and I were in Barcelona. We were there for Edu's cousin's wedding; a beautiful day in the hills of Catalunya. The bride looked stunning in a modern and very elegant gown. Lovely to be with the family and friends and share the joy as the kids played and the sun shone down on the happy couple. More good chemistry; the combination of Oscar and Iaia and Avi reunited again, and all the cousins together, and paella and my belly. Bonus find of the trip: a new discovery of yet another beautiful mid-century tiled mural in Barcelona. I can never get enough of them. I hope they're preserved and live happily ever after.