Sunday, 3 June 2007

ij hallen

Just a short skip across the waves by ferry from Amsterdam's Central Station and I arrived in what I can only describe as flea market heaven. Ij Hallen claims 700 stalls in the summer (and that's no exaggeration) filled to the brim of goodies. I spent four hours there with a friend running around finding treasure at every turn.
First among the finds of the day were these children's learners. These books are from mostly from the late 50s, with the exception of the cutting edge 'Meneer Computer' learner from 69. I think the graphics are just beautiful.

And here are a few ceramic items found, and vases bought. It was a good day for vases! My vintage vase collection has now doubled.
A small glimpse of the madness that is Ij Hallen...

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