Monday, 11 June 2007

masterchef - steven wallis

When my friend Sam came back from a recent trip to London and told us she's accosted the UKs Masterchef 2007 on the streets my friends and I were giddy with celebrity excitement. Now, one may expect a tale of chance celebrity encounter might ordinarily end there, or at most with a trophy photograph. But our Samantha is no ordinary girl, and so the tale did not. Miss Sam invited Mr Wallis to Amsterdam and so this fine weekend, come he did. She then enticed him further to cook for not only herself but ten of her friends (the cheek!), and wow, cook he most certainly did.
I met Steven and Sam at Amsterdam's Noordermarkt, a biological market in the heart of one of the Jordaan. There Steven found everything he needed for his gourmet feast. He also discovered some never-before-seen items such as iced krauw (to me it tastes like a plump-leaved seaweed, very salty, watery, cleansing and crunchy - delish), and not only green snow peas, but blond and purple coloured ones, too. Sam I were inspired, and swore to investigate weekly its delights and never to take our market for granted again!The meal itself, was stunning, but it's not my place to share the Chef's secrets. If you're lucky they might turn up on The Urban Foodie's blog. Suffice to say, it was a beautifully gezellig atmosphere. The room only ever falling silent at short intervals as the next offering of gastronomical delights was served up and then swiftly devoured.
Ok, I have to share a just little... All I'll say is that I swear the layered lavender meringue - topped with fresh seasonal berries, chocolate and lavender syrup - positively evaporated as soon as the plate hit the table! Ohhhh... So fabulous!

And the man himself? I hear you ask. What can I say? Steven is vibrant, energetic, fresh and downright good fun - just like the food he cooks. A more warm, open and giving person you'll be hard pushed to meet, and he's sexy to boot!
As if it wasn't bad enough being on holiday and cooking for all of us, he had the constant clicking of a half a dozen cameras documenting every pinch of salt and drop of oil. Yet he remained cool, calm and collected and was an absolute darling. Ah, a true celebrity loves his fans, and Steven remained ever so gracious.

I do hope to see more you, Steven, you promised you'd be back and there'll be a very angry mob in Amsterdam if you're not! So, thank you Steven, and of course the divine Miss Sam for a weekend to remember. It was noiyce, different, yeah, uneweswal! Lel x
PS. And don't forget, Sharron, it's 'CARdonnay', not 'Chardonney'. The 'H' is silent.

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Anonymous said...

the tastiest looking dish in those photos is the brunette - can i have the recipe?