Monday, 10 September 2007

ashleyg on etsy

One of my favourite Etsy sellers is artist AshleyG. I got these gorgeous prints a while back and never got around to putting them up online. But I've spent the night testing out my new camera (omg, loving the new camera! Sadly, my other died on the weekend) on some of AshleyG's fantastic characters.
This is a print named 'Lil Bandits'. An original ink illustration, digitally colored then printed on archival matte poly/cotton canvas and of course, signed by the delightful Miss AshleyG.
And the second is 'Even Superheros need a break'. I know you want one. And hell, at the very reasonable price of USD $20 / €14.50 a print, it won't break the bank. Oh, go on, treat yourself!

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Anonymous said...

Oh thank you so much!! I'm so flattered that you posted your prints!! You have a great blog and it just so happens that Modest most favorite band :)