Sunday, 16 September 2007

Inside Design Amsterdam

Well there was a lot of nice things at the Inside Design, though I have to say not a hell of a lot that we haven't all seen before in all the mags. The things that did jump out at me were (predictably) textiles and ceramics. The textiles below are a mix of brands offered as inspiration along with professionals giving first-hand advice to design enthusiasts. Beautiful colours and textures and I took a special shine some laser-cut metallic fabric.
In the main furniture hall individually nothing really grabbed me, but the interior spaces were set up quite beautifully and had that Dutch sense of humour about them, as seen with the over-sized hanger clothes line space. I love the idea of turning an unsightly display of drying laundry into an art instillation. Whether these hangers were actually a design piece or just there to show off the linen hanging on them I forgot to check. But if I ever have a garden I'll be hanging my washing out like this!There were some lovely ceramic lamps made from casting vintage teacups with intricate embossed textures. Designed by Ruth Lodder. Not what you'd call cheap at €235 a pop, but I'd adore one of these in my house.
Bubblicious light by Chris Kabel. Mouth-blown glass is then squeeze and held by a special set of pliers. Every bubblicious lamp is unique in both colour and size.Bella Bells, designed by Marcel Wanders was taller than me! I'm not quite sure what to do with it and who's in the market for an oversized bell, but it is very nice all the same.
I drooled over these ceramic rings with their beautifully delicate detail by Hester Zagt, €195.
I spaced on this chair, sorry, and didn't grab designer's name (bad blogger, bad!) but it was just too nice not to show. The seat has been wrapped in what I imagine is hundreds of meters of thread. And then the grid pattern has been stitched into the base. I think the chair used could have been more inspired, but maybe the idea of transforming an ordinary chair into something extraordinary was the designer's point.
And last but not least are these gorgeous set of porcelain bowls by Tina Roeder, which I immediately gravitated to. I like the cartoon rounded feel of the designs, they're like a kids play set but for us big kids. €90 per set.A neat little place to fill up a picnic hamper or grab a bite is Proef ('taste' in English). Founded by Martijn Oomes, a graduated from the Eindhoven Design Academy in 2000, Martijn has a fantastic food philosophy and looks at all aspects of the dining experience. "I look at the effect the ingredients have on the body and the road the ingredients take from seed to shit" says Martijn on his website. More food for thought on food can be found on Proef's website or on their blog. Proef food design studio, Gossschalklaan 12.

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