Monday, 3 September 2007

last sunny treasure hunt

The last summer outdoor Ij Hallen for the year, very sad. I did enjoy the experience so much more outside in the sun and fresh air. But it was already feeling a little blustery, rainy and dreary this weekend so I think Autumn is definitely on the approach. So much for Amsterdam's Indian summer.
I found a few nice things to photograph, the mussels off this bowl and this lovely collection of starlet's that I would have snapped up was it not for a substantial amount of water damage.
I think with Autumn in the air I was drawn to this big ceramic Autumn leaf platter. Gorgeous, fell in love with it. And so it was mine for tinsy €10. And I continued my orange theme with this elephant money box, a massive €1. He'll be collecting up my pennies for the upcoming winter flea market scavenging.
And finally there's this paper folder from Turkish Airlines. God knows what I'm going to do with it, but it's beautifully designed.

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