Wednesday, 26 September 2007


An afternoon in the country ‘twas the idea but a there was no ruffing it this very fine Sunday past. Quite the opposite! Slangevegt offers riverside gourmet dining under beautiful leafy canopy. Or become a lounge lizard as my friends and I did, content to be sipping wine and watching the boats glide by.
There’s plenty of room to dock the boat, or jump on a train and head to Breukelen where Slangevegt is a 25 minute walk along the river from the station and very easy to find.
They’re open for lunch and dinner and the menus are fresh and reasonably priced. Slangevegt also have two boats which can be hired too.
Reservations for lunch and dinner are a must.
Buitenplaats Slangevegt, Straatweg 40, 3621 BN Breukelen, The Netherlands.
Telephone 0346 250011

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mightiermouse said...

Looks nice! Breukelen is a pretty spot.