Friday, 19 October 2007

Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan is one of my all time favourite artists. I absolutely adore his work.
He makes the most incredibly gorgeous silhouette paper-cuts and prints. Quirky messages woven into enchanting scenery that you cannot help but be drawn to.
Rob has also just released a book 'This is for you' (I’m yet to get my little mitts on a copy, not in Amsterdam yet) for only £12.00 / USD $24.50 / €17.20.
Coinsiding with his book launch Rob has an exhibition of all his paper-cuts showing now at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery.
Don't live in London? Fear not, Rob's newly revamped website has all his work up for you to admire and drool over. However, if like me, you hunger for his art won't be satisfied by merely looking at it online, you can now own your very own piece of artwork via Rob’s Etsy shop. Phew! That Rob’s one busy boy! Oh, and did I mention he has a blog too? I’m tired just thinking about all these things he's up to.
From the Etsy store you can pick up a beautiful silkscreen print (like the one shown above), in wonderfully small limited editions, prices range from £146-244 / USD $300 to 500 / €210 to 350.
Also up for grabs are these beautiful tiles. Tiles are really making a comeback, huh? These are a bargain at £17.60 / USD $36 / €25.25.

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, 2A Conway Street, Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6BA. Gallery Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm or by appointment. Exhibition runs 10th October - 3rd November 2007.

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Anonymous said...

i would like to know your explanations to a few of your works please mister rob ryan. because i need it for my school project and it would help so so so so so much!
because i just love your works very very very much =P

and i think that other fans of yours would also like to know your description of a few of ur works..
thank you =)