Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Samsonite - Vintage Collection

I know a lot of people raved about Alexander McQueen's Black Label range he did for Samsonite. I hated it. Rib cadges? On my luggage? Oh no, I think not. Tacky and tasteless beyond belief. After that I wrote Samsonite off, fearing there was no hope for them. And then they go and throw me for a loop with this, their new Vintage Collection.
This collection is exactly what Samsonite claims it to be "nostalgic for the days when travel was all about glamour, the Vintage Collection was created to reignite the romance and luxury of travel." Glamour, reminiscent of 1930s and 40s sleek and stylish travel – now that's more like it! This is the kind of luggage one would never dream of wearing comfy sneakers and track pants with. No, this luggage is all class. And I love it.
The luggage comes in three colour ways (below). It has wonderful herringbone fabric, leather detailing, key locks, metal studding on the outside with gorgeous striped satin linings, nifty compartments and other extras on the inside.
Personally, I'm torn between the classic beige and the striking pink with red leather trim...although the black is pretty sexy too...hmmm...tricky. This range makes me want to pack a case, don my sexiest heels, trench coat, big glasses and hop on a plane for an adventure! Rocking up looking so glam I'd naturally be mistaken for a celebrity and of course upgraded to first class, seated next to a millionaire and sipping champagne the whole way... A lot to ask of a suitcase and some hand luggage, but if any luggage can do it, the Vintage Collection can. Happy traveling.
Products: Mini Bag USD $250 / €176, Beauty Case USD $300 / €211, Duffel Bag USD $350 / €246, Duffel on Wheels USD $600 / €423, Spinner Upright USD $500 / €352, Hardside Spinner Upright USD $600 / €423, Hardside Spinnner Trunk USD $950 / €670.

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