Friday, 5 October 2007

Xenia Taler

I like the fact that these tiles have a distinct vintage feel about them in simplicity of illustration yet they feel fresh bright and modern. From their Toronto studio partners Xenia Taler and Steven Koblinsky design and make these stunning tiles by hand. They have an extensive range online, below are just a few examples.
Storybook, set of 4 tiles, 4 x 4", USD $120 / €85.
From the Kimono series, Fireworks, in navy, 6" diameter, and Rain in red, 6" diameter, each USD $36 / €25.50.
The crochet series is my ultimate favourite, though I'm torn between the Peackock, in dark brown, 7.5 x 10.5", USD $84.00 / €60. Or the delightful duo below:
Crochet - sun / moon, in dark brown, 6" diameter, USA $40 / €28.20 each.

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