Monday, 12 November 2007

Berlin - in 30 hours

This was meant to be a piece about weekender in Berlin but as it turned out the trip became a crazed 30-hour blur running around Berlin - totally mad, but fabulous! So, what happened? well, our first train never arrived, and so we missed our connection to Berlin. Things looked grim, but we would not give up and so embarked on a marathon train adventure - switching trains five times, and even staying over in Hanover before finally arriving in Berlin mid Saturday morning. We three were pretty exhausted but victorious - we'd made it! So, what to do in 30 hours in Berlin. Indeed. After dumping the bags off at Annette's beautiful apartment (truly, to die for), the girls and I had a quick caffeine fix then headed to the centre of the action, Mitte. There we wandered through the streets and came across one great fashion store after the next. Amongst them...
The Corner Berlin, Franzoesische Strasse 40. Open Monday - Friday 10:30 - 7:30 and Saturday 10:00 - 7:00. Wallpaper calls it the Collette of Berlin, and I'd have to agree. There's everything from book and magazines, electronics, beauty products, jewellery, shoes, accessories and, naturally, top of the line fashion.
Window display from Louis Vuitton shoes, above. Made in Berlin, a great second hand store with an incredible amount of shoes.
I managed to score a great pair of black snake-skin heels for a mere €22. Neue Schonhauser Strasse 19. There was also H&M's sister store, COS, (stands for the wanky 'Collection of Style') sorry, forgot to take a pic. But got a gorgeous bone coloured fitted dress for €80. The following images are just a few interiors of shops on the main shopping drag of Rosenthaler Strasse. I especially liked the stuffed birds wearing jewels in one shoe store, as will as it's double-layered wallpaper - the top layer having had a baroque pattern die-cut into it.
After working up quite an appetite we took a quick lunch at Kuchi, a great Japanese restaurant. Gipsstrasse 3, 10119 Berlin, tel 28386622. The interior was a fabulous mix of concrete, pink lacquered wood and these wonderful vintage fabric panels. And the food... so fresh and delish!Random building that took my fancy and it stood all on it's lonesome (below), and back to the shopping we went.
The Hugo Boss store is definitely worth a look for it's interior. Rosenthaler Strasse 49. As is Bless, Germany's answer to The Netherland's Droog design offering up quirky conceptual art, clothing and products. Mulackstrasse 38 open Monday 14.00 - 19.00, Wednesday - Friday 14.00 - 19.00, Saturday 12.00 - 18:00. Two favourites pieces were the hairbrush and fur-tail memory stick. And a few more random shots...After a checking out the Saturday nightlife, the following day called for a bit of a lie-in then a good hearty brunch. And the place to go is Nola’s am Weinberg, Veteranenstrasse 9. Smorgersboard-style brunch of anything you could want for breakfast was just what was in order.
Cupcake, as the name suggests was a cupcake shop. Beautiful chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing to rival that on NYC's Magnolia Bakery comforted us on our train ride home (still confirming address).And another shop that was closed sadly (most shops closed Sunday) is The Temporary Showroom. If you ever have the chance it looks like a worthy trip. Kastanienallee 36a, open monday-saturday 12.00 - 20.00 and by appointment.
Then, (and how we managed to get in this pickle was beyond us), but suddenly we had 45 minutes to get back to the apartment, grab out stuff and get to the train station and having the oldest and slowest taxi driver in the world didn't help. Thankfully we arrived in the nick of timne, with only a few minutes to spare. And then it was farewell, Belin, until we meet again.
Thanks ladies for a fantastic trip!

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