Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Ted Noten

Ted Noten and his team make beautiful art and design pieces.
Lady-K-Bag, 30 x 22 x 8cm, engraved and heavily gold-plated gun and bullet, textile, chrome steel, 2004.Murdered Innocence, suitcase 24 x 68 x 6cm (appr. 20 kilo) gun with a silencer, holy communion dress, pearl, diamond, bullet. Ice Necklace. Inspired by the "Siberian Necklace" from the series Global Tactile Pieces Vol.2, new versions made from acrylic, 2007.Design Icon Rings, 925/1000 silver with engraved design icons, available online €1000 / USA $ 1,483 / £720.

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