Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Xi'An and he Terracotta Warriors

After arriving in Xi'An late my Dad brother and I decided to explore the city walls of Xi'An. The stands 12m tall, 12-14m wide at the top and 15-18m thick at the base. It covers 13.7km in length with a deep moat surrounding it. In other words, the stuff of fairy tales.
Rather than walk a part of it, we decided to hire bikes and cycle around the whole thing. It took about 90 minutes and was well worth it. The walls allow you to peer down into the buildings, houses, schools, people and live within the city walls.View from our hotel.The next day we headed out on a local bus to see the Warriors. You can take a cab out, but the bus is much much cheaper and gives you a much better view.
Discovered in 1974 by a local farmer the Warriors are now a huge tourist attraction.
The Terracotta Warriors are pretty amazing, again, you can't really appreciate the detail or scale in the photos. Lucky us had a bright sunny day that illuminated the Warriors for optimum viewing.
To give you some idea of scale, the little things at against the back wall are people.
Me, in concrete.
Nice patterns in concrete and grass.Trip back to town, and your classic road trip shots.
On returning to Xi'An we walked about the city and then headed to the fabulous Muslim quarter.
I was ecstatic to be wandering through the bazaar-like ally ways and look at all the trinkets and souvenirs on offer. Then out to the food street and the great smells, awesome packaging and lively atmosphere. Then it was once last look at the wall all lit up at night before hoping onto the night train back to Beijing.


Anonymous said...

very nice photo series!

bowerbird said...

oh, I loved China - all of it - even smoggy old Shanghai! Beijing is my fave though.

your photos are gorgeous

barnz2k said...

why didn't I know you could walk ON the city walls, I was looking from the bottom, idiot lol.

Nice photos!