Thursday, 14 February 2008

House and home

Australian architecture, I love it. Big open spaces, vast houses of 300 square meters with huge windows and high ceilings. And of course, a view. A stunning, breathtaking seaside view.
The house I'm showing you was just featured on Wallpaper magazine's website, click here to read the article. It's designed by Tasmanian architects Room 11. Located literally five minutes further down the coast from where I grew up looking at these photos leaves me a little homesick – the the bright blue sky, harsh sun casting such strong shadows and imagining the open space, hills, trees, sea and salt air. I really do miss the incredible view across the Derwent River, you can just see through the end of the kitchen windows in this house. What an amazing backdrop to have as you sip your morning coffee. My little canal view in Amsterdam, is the best I can do for the moment. But I adore my little waterway with it's ducks and swans.
Room 11: 64-68 Liverpool street, Bank Arcade, Level 1, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 7000.

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Unknown said...

i like how they use "sails". to create shadow. in parks, backyards and at the beach, sails. a couple of poles and a material stretched between them. beautiful culture. my dad lives there. :)