Thursday, 14 February 2008

Red Light Fashion

Walking through the Red Light district in Amsterdam is usually one of the things I dread. Navigating the jam-packed streets, avoiding the dodgy dealings on every corner and sleazy tourists gawking at the prostitutes, is hardly my idea of fun. But not anymore!
Red Light Fashion Amsterdam is a great project supporting new Dutch fashion talent. A collaboration between the municipality of Amsterdam, NV Stadsgoed and HTNK, consultancy and recruitment agency of the fashion industry. In an effort to reclaim and redevelop red light area, Amsterdam's city center (the oldest part of the city) several brothels have been bought up and loaned out to Dutch fashion designers and used as shop-windows, workshops and living areas. I'm ecstatic – finally something in the area for us women to drool over! And Drool, I did.
Participating designers are Bas Kosters, ...And Beyond (girlfriends of mine a truly fabulous new force in the fashion world, more to come of them later), Daryl van Wouw, Mada van Gaans, Roswitha van Rijn, Sebastic, Sjaak Hullekes, Ignoor, Jan Taminiau, Jaroen van Tuyl, G+N, Edwin Oudshoorn, Corné Gabriëls and Conny Groenewegen.
These are some snaps I've taken from a couple trips to the street.
Photos from ...And Beyond's launch night.The event is also supported by CODE Magazine who have a temporary gallery and store in the Red Light for the year event on Oudezijds Achterburg Wal 121.

so Ladies, get out this weekend and get your fashion fix in Amsterdam's Red Light area. You can go here to see a map of the area and who's where.

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Orlando Wood said...

Pity the fashion sucks!