Thursday, 7 February 2008


And finally we come to Shanghai, the last stop on the China tour. Having working in Shanghai for a few months a couple of years ago, Shanghai holds a special place in my heart. It was so wonderful to see my old Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai colleagues, especially you Anne!
What I love about Shanghai is the total lack of business and residential zoning, the result being a crazy mix of skyskrapes alongside rickety old buildings. And the antiques market – heavenly. When I say antiques I use that term loosely. There are genuine antiquities there, I'm sure, but really a lot of old junk. But I Luuuurrrve junk! I picked up another couple of figurines (above), I had two ladies and just Mao, so I had to bring the girls back a strapping young man to keep them company.
More treasure... My friend Anne had a great wall of these gorgeous old Chinese biscuit tins so when I saw them at the market I had to snap a couple up. Rooster, and the lotsa biscuits tin below it are now gracing MY kitchen!
A stone's throw from the market is a great little local street food run. Here are ducks getting prepared for dinner.
Looking back down the street in all it's chaotic glory. Woah – look at those eels!
Detail of a local street poster.
Fish hanging up to dry.
That great city mix again.
There are a few top design spots in Shanghai and Madam Mao's Dowry is a great, albeit somewhat pricey antique and curiosa store. You can find the store at 207 Fumin Lu.
Try also 100 percent Shanghai, just a few doors down at 173 Fumin Road. And Design Republic, has all your Euro design classic from Mooi, and the like. 5 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Lu.The best breakfast I had was at Embre, 832 Julu Lu. Awesome start to a day of design and shopping.
Those orange boxes look familiar! First stop, Source, for street fashion. Flagship store 158 Xin Le Lu. I picked up a nice pair of Nike's on sale. Heading into the city center. And huge highways. I adore big crazy inter-twining highways.
Crazy weird lego-looking cement things...
Then in the middle of People's Square is Shanghai's MoCA.
Not a huge museum, but very nice. I lucked out as there was a Japanese: Eco Goods Designed by 300 Designers and Artists.
Designers concentrated on totes, fans and carry-scarves. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...
I know, there are lots, but I culled as much as possible.
Wrap and carry scarves were gorgeous.
Help the environment, use a scarf instead to carry your groceries!
Great graphic patterns and illustrations.
Very misty day, but a balmy 12 degrees made the Shanghai visit a nice break from the much more wintery Beijing.
Pattern and blue.
The day ended with a walk around the textile district.
Like most of China, Shanghai is busy pulling down the old and building up the new.
So cute little hutong areas make way for this...
Concrete jungle. Sad, but true. So my advice would be to go sooner, rather than later before all the old charm is gobbled up.

For fine dining, there's Laris at Three on the Bund, number 3, th Bund, 6th floor. Named after Chef David Laris this was a stunning meal. Face bar and restaurant.

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