Friday, 7 March 2008

Deborah van der Schaaf

I got mail! Today I checked my mailbox and shock-horror I had mail. I never get mail. And this was exciting pretty mail to boot. Rotterdam based illustrator Deborah van der Schaaf sent me a beautiful package celebrating her tenth year as a freelance illustrator and her best year ever. Congrats!
Deborah also sent me this beautiful poster which I can't wait to get home and whip into a frame! Like modern-day clip art it's a gorgeous catalogue of everyday items. Beautiful. Details of it below.And finally I have to point out the envelope. Whenever I send snail mail I make an effort to put nice stamps on the envelope. No, I very much doubt if anyone receiving mail from me every notices, but as an ex-tamp-collector kid (geek, I know) I can't help it. I love stamps. So whether intentional or not, very happy with my Beatrix and 'De Jaren 50' stamps on this package. Lovely juvley. Thanks Deborah for fun Friday mail!

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painted fish studio said...

gorgeous! the paper, the illustrations, the stamps - all frame worthy!