Monday, 10 March 2008

If You Could

Will Hudson and Alex Bec are the London based duo behind If You Could. Alongside an ever evolving annual publication entitled ‘If you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?’, there is this great site with two two-colour silkscreen posters up for grabs monthly answering that very question. March features are Anthony Burrill, who'd make Bad Art. B2 size (700mm x 500mm), £40 / €52.60.
And Siggi Eggertsson, who would Get a Dog. Again, B2 size (700mm x 500mm), £40 / €52.60.
Previous posters include Kate Gibb who says she'd View the World Symmetrically and Alex Trochut who'd just Go For It. Posters are only available for a month so if you'd like one you'd better go for it too!


Roger Haus said...

Great posters! Alex Trochut is a big master here in Barceolona.

Anonymous said...

See Here