Friday, 4 April 2008

lisbon indulgences

And so we come to the final of the Lisbon posts...
There is of course some shopping done in Lisbon. Above are three of a twelve pack of gorgeous letter pressed cards by Serrote. €8 for a pack of 12. They also had lovely little notepads too.Fish. You gotta buy tinned fish when you're in Lisbon, for the packaging if nothing else. Conserveira de Lisboa - Rua dos Bacalhoeiros 34, Baxia. 9.30am-7pm Mon–Sat.
Yeah...not sure why exactly I was drawn to this pink ceramic pear pot – just was. €8 from a gift store in Sintra.
Incredible bar you have to see to believe. Jam packed with load and loads of crap. They have an extensive and gorgeous cocktail menu, featuring artwork from the early 1900's. DO NOT try and steal it, as I did. The waiters will hound you for it and make you pay for it! Bugger. It magically re-appeared when they weren't looking... Rua D. Pedro V 89.
Another great modern bar is Incognit0. Highly recommend the espresso-martini and Lemon-meringue-pie – complete with whipped cream!! Rua Polais de Sao Bento 37, Sao Bento.
And after you've had one of the most delicious cocktails of your life, head to Lux for a bit of a dance. Lux - Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, Amazem A, Cais da Pedra a Santa Apolonia, Santa Apolonia. 10pm-6am tues-sat.
Some choice postcards from Lisbon's yesteryear.
If you're looking for a classy souvenir from Lisbon might I suggest Luvaria Ulisses for a pair of hand crafted gloves pf the softest leather. If gloves aren't your thing, then maybe hats are. I tried on three gorgeous hats, my favourite being one of pink and brown felt with pink netting... but it was €82 and I couldn't quite do it. Azevedo Rua established in 1886 is on Praca Dom Pedro IV 72-73, Baxia. 9am–7pm Mon–Fri, 9am–1pm Sat. And that's Lisbon!

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