Thursday, 3 April 2008

Road trip Portugal

Not just staying in Lisbon, my friends and I also hired a car and did a little day trip. I can't remember the name of this place (CC, anyone...?), it's the Portuguese 'knights of the round table headquarters'. I kid you not. it was very very cool.
This place was incredible with its tiles, courtyards and unusual stone carvings.
Painted wooded ceiling.It was huge. I love the buckle and belt carved into this pillar. So odd.
Up close and personal with moss.
Next stop, Fatima. This is one of the most religious places in Portugal. Back at the turn of the century three peasant kids claimed to have seen a vision of Mary. She returned a few times (though only the kids could see her...OK, sure...) and the town has now built it's lively-hood off pilgrims coming to this holy place. There's a church and square capable of holding up to a million-odd people, so this is big business we're talking about. People come here in droves.
These are the brats and some other pics from about town.
When Shane and I had to stay here while poor Andy fetched his camera (left back at the Knight's pad) we looked like this too. This place was a little creepy.At the holy area there are candles to burn as you say a prayer for a loved one, OR if you have a specific ailment or concern you can burn a wax effigy of the problem body part: leg, head, foot, breast. I nearly bought some to bring home...but they were too freaky. This is apparently a Fatima-specific thing.
This is the staircase to the sister Monestry of Belém. it was closed when we arrives, but the outside is still work a look!
The last cultural stop of the day - a town one kind gave to his King. Very cute.
We stopped off just up the road for our half-grilled chicken and chips (fabulous). Then it was home and bed. long, but brilliant day.

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Rebirth said...

That place which name you don't remember, was it Mosteiro da Batalha? (Monastery of Batalha)