Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Sintra, Portugal

Where to begin with Sintra? Hmmm... an easy 40 minute cheap-as-chips train ride out from Lisbon is a beautiful town with crazy castles and palaces. This is Sintra.
Beautiful old buildings with tile details line the streets.How brilliant is this skull and crossbones?! Then we have the palace...No pictures can ever do a place like this justice. Just go.
More amazing tiles and stone carvings.
Just be warned, go early as there's lots to see and do, and if you walk up from the town center to the castle then palace it's a good hour and very steep. My calf muscles still haven't recovered., but it was SO worth it!


Jesse said...

Thanks for these photos! Someone brought Sintra cakes back from Portugal last week, and I finished the last one yesterday.... it's great to see where they come from.

Anonymous said...

perceptive selection of photographs, says an Australian living in Sintra... the skull and crossbones ornament a box containing the skeletons of long-dead Moors, by the way; tourists rest unknowing on it