Friday, 30 May 2008


This year I did a terrible thing – I decided to skip Queen's Day in Amsterdam. I've been to five already, and much as I love the city turning into one big flea market I was a little over it. My sis and I did cruse the Jordaan for an hour in the morning where pickings were good (she scored an iShuffle for €20, me polaroid camera for €1...) but there'll always be next year. And sometimes you need a break from things to really appreciate them the next time round. So, what did we do instead? We packed out bags, hopped on a plane and headed to the science geek for six days in the South of France! Yay! The geek, we'll call him Dr S, is actually not geeky or nerdy at all but really very stylish and suave. I'm posting this today as it's Dr S' last day in the lab. Fingers and toes, pet, he's on his way to Amsterdam! Here is the Dr S' lab... looks way too grown up...
...but at the same time kinda reminds me of highs chool... must be the lab coats.Oh, we're in Montpellier, by the way! A beautiful city.
CC was of course in awe of the Aqueduc Saint-Clément. The girl is obsessed with them, I tell you! Above, lit up at night in a beautiful blue. This was nice, but what I did really like was the carved wood service door to the aqueduc; a beautiful minty green water-fall door.
That, and the crazy feral iron work surrounding it. Truly incredible, it was like ironwork gone wild, and at the end of a long dry summer about to go to seed.The weather was lovely and so we did the only sensible thing to do; we headed straight to the local market and stocked up on fresh bread, cheese, amazing strawberries, paté and of course, wine and headed for a sunny patch of grass for a picnic.
And the gluttony didn't end there, I can assure you. Dr S took us to an amazing fondue restaurant for dinner, great crepe place for lunch and breaky consisted of a good strong coffee and maxi chocolate croissant – seriously, huge!

For the remainder of the visit we hired a car and headed up the coats to Niemes, Aux en Provonce, Marseille, Cannes, Nice, St.Tropez, and Monaco. A bit of a whirlwind trip but also very chilled. And I was just so happy to get back behind the wheel of a car again. More about the trip to come over the next few days...

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