Monday, 30 June 2008


While my girlfriend and her fiancé were in Amsterdam we couldn't help but take a train down to Antwerp for a little retail therapy. Antwerp is a great little shopping haven as it has a bunch of stores us poor Amsterdammers don't have. Such stores include Habitat, COS, and the recently opened Urban Outfitters, pics below of UO:
UO is housed in a gorgeous old building. So walk out the back and take a squiz. Cos is through to the back of the department. What I really love about Antwerp is the attention to detail and the shop window displays. With white asparagus in season, this chocolatier has made white chocolate asparagus spears. i had bought one for my sis (being a white chocolate lover) however Madam Zoe got to it before she did. BAD GIRL.
Artwork in clothing store Fish and Chips's storefront.
The Dries van Noten store below.
Lunch spot Het Dagelijks Brood (The Daily Bread) on the Steenhouwersvest 48:
Buildings are nice.Second hand store on the Nationale Straat. For other second hand clothing try Episode.
Town Square in all it's glory.
And I leave you with another great window display.

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Anonymous said...


Beautiful city. Thank you. I'm especially interested to see the Euro version of UO. They are brilliant retailers. I've always been impressed by their use of context to build a sum larger than the parts. That is, buy placing an audience-appropriate book next to a limited edition T the value of both is enhanced. They do the same with Anthropology, their sister store. I'm always glad that the NY Soho store sells comfy chairs, as it gives us cultural anthropologists a place to sit.