Tuesday, 27 January 2009


There are many things I love in life and this brand spankin' new blog captures quite a few of them in one hit. Namely:
1. tattoos. Even though I don't have any...yet (sorry mum)
2. the appropriated illustration of one of my fave artists, Evan B. Harris.*
3. friends, 'sailor boy' (shown below) is my good friend, Jon, who I miss a lot
4. Miranda, (sailor boy's Missus) one of my dearest friends. This is her blog and I'm awfully proud of her. She is the queen of cool. Fact. She'll probably be embarrassed by my shameless promotion of her site (M: suck it up, you're in the US of A now, fame is your sole ambition).
5. wonderful memories of my last NYC trip, where a lot of these people on NY Ink were snapped.
See, a lot from one site, huh? NY Ink, check it out. Great inspiration if you are considering a tattoo. What I like, personally, is that Jon discovered Evan from my blog post from Nov '07. I hope he in turn inspires more beautiful tatts like this:
And what does this have to do with Amsterdam? Well, Jon's tattoo was done by the undeniably incredibly talented Swedish sensation, Lina Stigsson of Admiraal Tattoo, Amsterdam.

Miranda & Jon, miss you guys... x

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Unknown said...

Frickin' crikey, that's great work - and by Lina? Damn, my skin's starting to itch for ink...