Thursday, 5 February 2009

Jurmala, Latvia

Another day trip, this time to Jurmala on the coast of Latvia. The train ride I think was about an hour and really nice once you get out of Riga and the city outskirts.
Jurmala is small beach resort town by summer that was still pulling in a fair amount of tourists in the dead of winter. A lot of Russians.
It's got some stunning, though rather tired and decrepit houses (see below), but I actually was more impressed with the train station. Just LOOK at this:Brown tiles, line green detail, and gold molded ceiling...FABULOUS. It also helped that there was beautiful warm lighting setting all the walls a glow.It was pretty ghetto. The locals obviously don't like it as much as I do.
Such a shame a space like this is going to rack and ruin.
Ok, enough of the station. Jurmala proper...pretty buildings...
The frozen beach.
More crazy architecture.
I think this building is super fugly but also kind of endearing. It's a lot of average brickwork trying to be grand. Points for trying.
All in all, worth the trip out and braving the weather for, but for me not for the reasons listed in the guide book. Oh, that station...

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Anonymous said...

Like the modernist house a lot.

A x