Wednesday, 3 June 2009

B is for Berlin

Berlin! This time it was a work trip which didn't allow much time for exploring Berlin but I did make it back to Nola's am Weinberg for brunch (above) which was yummy as. And with full bellies and released from our duties we we set loose on Berlin at least!
And just like last time we headed up the hill to the flea market Arkonaplatz, 10435 Berlin.
Small, but one of the nicest I think.
Find of the day for me were these letterpress type at €1 a pop! And they had beautiful Blackletter type and lovely ligatures. So I grabbed a handful. Occupational hazard. Designers must own letterpress type...not my fault!
Good thing I don't live in Berlin or I would have dragged a lot more home with me.
I also bought a 'B' (upside down here, but you get the idea). A coke, a 'B', some letterpress type and lazing in the sun on a Sunday. Perfection.

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