Thursday, 25 June 2009

Coney Island - NYC

Headed off to New York again at the end of May for a mini-vacation to see the delightful, the crazy, the fabulous, Mr & Mrs Vall. And got to thinking about Coney Island. Always wanted to go. Never been.
Jewish family enjoying the shooting gallery.
Corney Island's been around a long time and accumulated some fantastic aging signage and graphics. I got snap-happy.
To be honest it was smaller than I imagined. Dinkier. I guess I imagine everything in the States to be of epic proportions, so this was refreshing.
'Nuf said.This is what happens if you stay at Coney Island too long.
Freaks aplenty. People watching being the unofficial sideshow.
Oh-so manly...
Sneak peak over the top of a wall of a the ruins of a mural.
More mustaches... You ain't nothing if you ain't got a mustache. Thank god we had Jon with us.
Gimme a S...K...A...N...K...! Or gimme three.
It's mustache man again. This time, with beer AND clams.
Cops on the go.
Pier fishing. All the rage.
Nathan's: where the world famous hotdog eating championships take place every year.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Berlin - over and out

My room with a view...
Wondering the city.
Clärchen's Ballhaus Berlin. This beloved dance hall has somehow managed to survive in the heart of Berlin. Unreconstructed it still has the scars of wartime bombing but also retained it's wonderful character and atmosphere. Peer through the glitter curtains and watch Berlin's cool kids dance the night away rockabilly style.
Clärchen's Ballhaus Berlin. Auguststrasse 24, Berlin, Germany. Tel: +49 30 282 9295.
More meandering through the streets...
And admiring the beautiful signage.
And we're done.