Monday, 22 June 2009

Berlin - part 2

Berlin, part 2. As I said, we had about half a day in the sun. Our party of two became four when my friend and his lovely lady joined us for a stroll up to Straße des 17 Juni, Tiergarten to a huge flea market.
The market rocked. It was huge and had some gems, and at the fraction of Amsterdam prices.
Ok. Enough rummaging and onto the park.
The park's highlight was live kaeoke. Kid you not. Just look at that crowd. There must have been about 300 onlookers as members of the audience volunteered to stand up and belt one out. Crazy people. Apparently they're all being filmed and will pop on YouTube some time soon...
Looking on at the onlookers. Loved Nana's hat.
Metal in the park. And that was pretty much the it in a nutshell: everyone, whatever they were into were out, doing their thing and loving life. The place was buzzing with energy. It was just fantastic. And below some market finds; vintage Danish vase for €6 and scissor broach for €3.

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Anonymous said...

Guten Tag – just stumbled over your blog and as I allways find it interesting what people see and find in my hometown I read your Berlin-posts. Thanks for sharing. Let me correct one detail: the photoes above are shot in the Mauerpark, named after the Berlin Wall, which was there where the park now is (not Strasse d. 17. Juni, where another, more expensive flea market is).

Beste Grüße aus Berlin