Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Berlin - random pics and Bar 25

A few pics from the shoot snapped up while we traveled about the city. I love the mix of old and new architecture. It's something I miss in Amsterdam. Yes, yes, the little Dutch houses are all very sweet...but. Sometimes living in toy town lacks a bit of freshness.
We worked into the nights. Cold, cold nights...
...but we also check out the night life. On strong recommendation from pal, Jase, we went to Bar 25. On the water this is a quirky, carnivale-inspired decor bar and restaurant with large outdoor area; featuring the other major advanantage of this city – space. Lots and lots of glorious space. No bars the size of hallways.
Amongtst mirrorballs hung in trees, merry-go-round horses, open fire-pits there was this:
Beautiful, beautiful lovely old authentic WORKING photobooth. Hevean! These booths are having a renaissance in Berlin. That's reason enough in itself for me to want to go back again! If you're in Berlin, keep your eyes peeled and you're bound to come across one. €2 a pop for the best souvenir of the trip. Alternatively, if you don't want to risk it, you can find a map with all the locations here on the official photoautomat site. They're not only in Berlin, but also Klön, Paris, London, and Hamburg. Wonderful. Spread, my darlings, and conquer the world.
Bar 25 Berlin: Holzmarktstr. 25, 10243 Berlin, Germany. Tel +49 172 4494058.


Sneaky Magpie said...

You really make me want to re-discover Berlin again! x

Monica said...

Those pictures look cool. I hope I will be able to visit Berlin this year and see all those sights.

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