Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Kristina Lewis

Introducing artist Kristina Lewis. I'm sharing these as my friend is making a fabric seascape and I thought Lewis' inventive use of materials and form-making might be an inspiration to her. Micro-organisms, disections, and sea-like creatures.
Nurse (Detail), Masking Tape, Stir Straws, Cardboard, Wood, Paint, Vinyl Resin, Adhesive. 24"x15"x 2.5.
Feeder Zip, zippers, cotton jersey, thread, elastic, wood, aluminum wire mesh, cotton batting, polyester fiberfill, metal and plastic hardware, adhesive. 45"x6"x5".
Specimen No. 7. Plastic Electrical Tape, Drinking Straws, Cardboard, Drains, Acrylic Sheet, Magnifying Glass, Metal Hardware, Acrylic Paint, Vinyl Resin, Adhesive. 17"x10"x4".
Specimen No. 3, Flex straws, first aid tape, acrylic, magnifying glass, cotter pins, vinyl resin, adhesive. 14"x10"x4".
Before Soon, Acrylic box, paper, nylon snaps, nylon thread, adhesive. 9"x11"x5.5".
Untitled (Tape System No. 3) (detail). Embossing tape, drinking straws, vinyl resin, acrylic dowels, adhesive. 4.5'x3.5'.
Cultivated Zip detail, Zippers, thread, chain, metal hardware, rubber, adhesive. 88"x6"x3".

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