Thursday, 3 September 2009

Windows - London

One of my favourite things about wondering the streets of London is the amazing store windows. Beautiful and inspiring. This is Selfridges.
Forgot to write the name of this store down sorry. It's on Piccadilly, very old posh looking department store *update* which the lovely Sneaky Magpie has just informed me is called Fortnum & Mason. Thanks for that!
Chanel with lovely paper sculptures.
Missoni, I think. The only nice thing I think I've ever seen associated with this brand. Not a fan.
Liberty are known for their amazing fabrics and right now these windows showcase past and present designs.
Lingerie shop Bordello on Great Eastern in the East End.

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Sneaky Magpie said...

It's Fortnum&Mason, very posh indeed ;)

Did you see the whole Prints Charming exhibition at Liberty? They have some very nice stuff there.