Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Ij Hallen – last one for the summer!

Obviously, I'm behind in some posts. That's cause I left these pics on my work computer while working in London these last months. These are finds from the last summer Ij Hallen.
Beautiful linens, all €1 to €3 a piece!
Loving the eucalyptus pattern on this. The Aussie gal in me couldn't resist.
Some more vases...I'm addicted! I know.
Baby socks for Miss Milla.
Rad teaching clock.
And this amazing little magazine stand for €7.50. Believe it or not. What a steal!
It's not in the nook. My reading nook. Full of mags.
Awesome old view finder in way cool box.
And, of course, whenever I go to Ij Hallen I have the full experience - dirty cheap coffee, and poffertjes! LOVE my poffertjes.

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