Friday, 18 December 2009

NYC - had me a blast

Last of the random missed off posts. Actually from my May trip....oppsy! New York shopping finds. Little enamel 'Q' from soho.
Set of three metal suitcases up for grabs in Soho as a a retailer flogged off his old window display props. USD $45.
I blame Zoe for this little vintage broach must-have. From the Sunday carpark market at ... USD $15.
Some more beautiful type from the same market. USA $ 1 - 4 each.Amazing canary yellow silk and lace dress. From one of the most amazing vintage clothing stores I've ever seen (pic below also). God knows where I'm going to wear it, but it's divine. USD $109 / €85. Another little vintage find: navy handbag. From a lovely area with a bunch of other vintage stores. UDS $45.
Very nice chair spotted in Soho.
Mustache maintenance.
It was a very superior trip.
Lounging by the Hudson.

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