Thursday, 18 February 2010

Antwerp getaway

Nothing like a little day trip escape to Antwerp.
It was a beautiful day. Above are photos from the lovely station.
I love this swan rocker. Found at Princess for a mere €439... it was beautifully soft though.
Swanky shopping Plaza off the Meir.
A beautiful old well.
The town square.
Barbies and more as we window-shopped.
Désiré de Lille tearoom, Shoenmarkt 12. Had us some light and fluffy waffles with ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. Delish. Désiré de Lille has been open since 1903, their website stays "When Désiré Smidts was still an apprentice at Lacquemant, the confectioner’s shop in Lille (Rijsel), Northern France, he created a new delicacy. Only he knew the recipe for the small pastry ball he put into a waffle iron, creating a round flat biscuit, filled with a delicious syrup. He christened this delicacy ‘Lacquemant”, named after his employer. Marc Stoffels, his grandson, continues this family tradition with equal enthusiasm and provides this culinary speciality...throughout Belgium and abroad."
Street art. There's also a Kidrobot, where us big kids bought some toys.
We finished the day off with a fabulous meal in what can be described at the 'Castel's of Antwerp'. A great old style steak house. Amazing food and an extensive beer list with lots of Trappist beers to choose from. I had a Chimay. The place is decorated with hundreds of religious figures. I'm not sure why, but they're kina nice en masse. It was right by the church, name, anyone...?
I resisted the clothing shops, but couldn't resist these little jewels. I collect vintage Christmas orniments and these will be a lovely addition. These were the about €3 a pop on average. Not cheap, but I couldn't resist. Found in a lovely little antique shop called Lady Cant Bis. Christmas decorations only on show October until end of Jan, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait a few month now. All in all, it was a perfect day.

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