Monday, 1 February 2010

Hinsby and Taroona beaches

I grew up in the suburb of Taroona. A beautiful suburb 10 minutes drive form Tasmania's capital city, Hobart. We lived in two different houses in Taroona, on on Hinsby road and then later moved a stone's throw away up the hill above Channel Highway. Hinsby Beach is where my brother, sister and I spend a lot of time growing up. It's a lovey little beach just at the start of the Alum Cliffs.
Dad and I were walking the hound and so continued on from Hinsby to Taroona beach.
Loved seeing the familiar colours.
Wet dog on a rock.
And a very nice old rock at that.Continuing on until we reached my old school, which is just around the corner. Yes, Taroona High School, was on a beach. Yes, in summer if you could get a teacher to keep watch, you could go swimming. Very nice. Very nice indeed.

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