Thursday, 4 February 2010

New Norfolk

Pop quiz. It's the hottest day in Hobart in 3 year, what do you do? If you said go driving around in a black car you are right! Ok, might not have seemed the most logical way to spend a day where the mercury is hitting 38.8 degrees, but we had a plan and we stuck to it. We were looking for treasure, and what do you know it, we found some!
First stop Ring Road Antiques which was beautifully cool inside. Item 1. Gorgeous English art deco serving bowl. AUD $25. Searching online I could find this dish dates from about 1930, but there's many different designs but can't find mine.
Next stop: Willow Court Antique Centre. Item 2. Found a fabulous 1960's vintage wool coat, that looked brand new. AUD $41. What a steal! mum and Dad looked doubtful, but once i tried it on they could see I was on to a winner. Fabric detail above. Can't wait until the weather warms up and I can wear it. I passed on some great Tupperware and a fab 50's clock which I now wish I'd bought. Bugger it. But, ok, how I would have gotten it all home is another story.Nice ol' barn.This little beauty wasn't from New Norfolk. Other end of tassie, actually, Franklin, but just slipping it in here as Franklin isn't getting it's own post.

Ring Road Antique Centre
Ring Road, New Norfolk, Tasmania.
Open 7 Days, 9.30am - 4.30pm

Willow Court Antique Centre
15 George St, New Norfolk, Tasmania.

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