Tuesday, 23 March 2010

brabant hallen

Flea Markets. You know I love them! Ij Hallen is but once a month, but as I've discovered, Holland is dotted with big flea markets every weekend! Woohoo! So, this weekend my man and I hired a Greenwheels car and drove just over an hour south-east-ish...I think...to Brabant Hallen snuffelmarkt!
I resisted buying this beautiful book, satisfied with a photo. Just gorgeous.
So, what treasure did I find? Well, firstly the vase on the right here, for €3, which is a sister vase to one I bought a few weeks ago - how great is that?! And for next to nothing.
Buttons. It's monkey making season, and I need eyes... these were €3 for the sheet. A steal.
Vintage tupperware. Mint condition, €4.50. Vintage tupperware is the best. Fantastic colours.
Ceramics...ooh, my weakness. A nice little brown sugar pot from 1956. Delightful cityscape painted on it.
Vintage child's matching game hand painted on wood, €7.50.
And I love this game. I haven't translated the rules yet, but each character is in three parts and I guess you need to get matching sets. Great illustrations from what looks like 70's or even 80's. I couldn't find any further info on this online.
The last little gem I found, a few days too late for St Patrick's Day this year, but I'll be ALL SET next year with this wonderful broach. I might need some ribbon to spruce it up a little. Might be too subtle as is. It's only plastic, obviously home made and I like the idea that someone pressed these flowers and set them in broach fastening. And now it'll find new glory once a year as I remember I'm a Rafferty. Just look at it -
We continued on into 's Hertogenbosch city, but that's another post. All in all, a fantastic day out!

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superelectric said...

i think the triola is late 70's indeed looking at the design. I tried making an iphone app like it. but i suck at that. better with drawing:-)