Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Groniger Museum

Took a little trip up north to Gronigen, to catch the Bernhard Willhelm and Jutta Kraus exhibition at the Groniger Museum before it ends. I've been wanting to o to Groningen for ages but it's at the top of Holland (2.5 hrs by train) away, and the trains aren't cheap. I now have a train discount card, which makes is more realistic (approx €25 return, in stead of €70!).
Let's start with the museum building itself. It was designed in 1994 and looks like it. Revolting mosaic of tiles and pastel colours for me this is a really foul example of architecture and it's such a shame to ruin and otherwise lovely canal.
Back to the exhibition.
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bernhard Willhelm and Jutta Kraus (both b. '72), the Groniger Museum is having a retrospective of their work, which has produced more than 30 collections. The exhibition showcases a selection from these collections from both men's and women's wear. The museum says of the duo "Willhelm and Kraus’s unconventional fashion is characterized by an outspoken visual language in which they give expression to the grotesque, the childish and the fantastic, which they transform and combine in an unparalleled way with elements from pop culture and haute couture. Willhelm studied at the Royal Academy for Visual Arts in Antwerp and Kraus at the University of Westminster, London. In 1999 they jointly began a clothing line under Willhelm’s name. Right from the outset they displayed an extremely personal and individual style by means of which they created their totally own universe."This was my favourite section. Love this outfit.
The exhibition space was really great too.
This was my favourite piece in the whole show. Amazing jacket of red, white and blue, with an army camouflage star in the centre.
Costume for Bjork. And a photo shoot featuring Bernhard Willhelm and Bjork for Dazed & Confused.Moving on to the next exhibition, selected works 2001–09 by Folkert de Jong, called Circle of Trust.
The last exhibition was German Expressionism 1905 – 1913. Brücke-Museum Berlin, 150 Masterpieces. To be honest this was a lovely exhibition but I was a bit visually exhausted by the time I got to it. I did really like the following pieces though.

Groninger Museum
Bernhard Willhelm & Jutta Kraus. 13 December 2009 – 11 April 2010
Folkert de Jong, Circle of Trust. 13 October
German Expressionism 1905 – 1913. 13 December 2009 – 10 April 2010
Open: Tues– Sun and holidays 10am - 5pm, Fri until 10pm.


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Hi Lel, shame you didn't like the building, I guess its not to everyone's taste. I'm a big fan though for the main reason that it actually got built! Check out the architect http://www.ateliermendini.it/ and have a look at The Memphis Group. Its been nice to follow your blog for the last few weeks (via twitter)!!


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