Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Groningen city

Continuing on from the Groninger Museum my man and I (see, here is your blog mention, baby), headed into the city to check it out. Above and below is the university.
There were some lovely buildings, quite different from Amsterdam style.
Exciting discovery, Gronigen has it's own Lego store! I guess it's quite close to the Danish boarder. I bought a few little bits...just coz I love lego.
Lovely art nouveau tile work.
Building with bear corner stone, detail below.
Zara. Ok, I'm not plugging fashion here but the building is fantastic. Looks kind of simple red brick, but the corner stones are just beautiful. Take a look:

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Nic said...

Great photos. Love the lego man!!!! I want one for the front door!
Funny about E! Joel also complaining about not getting a mention in my blog.