Thursday, 4 March 2010

le petit vloer

I have a sweet tooth. I blame Nanny Gloria. Staying at Nan and Pop's house would mean endless sweets, no restrictions. Kid heaven. And a drink to wash them down with? Sure, there was one, and only one, option – spiders! Lemonade with flavouring and a scoop of ice cream that makes it all froth up. I have no idea why it's called a spider. We were spoilt silly. And it amazes me to this day that none of us kids have a single filling in our head between us.
I remember being sent to 'the corner store', which was a small general grocery store (not on a corner) about 300m from my grandparents house. With a handful of coins we'd run to the store at breakneck speed to buy ourselves a bag of mixed lollies (sweets). Lollies were usually one or 2 cents, 5 cents for a really good one. And we'd always get Nan aniseed rings, which we hated. That's probably why she got them, something we'd keep our greedy little mitts off. Well, there's a new corner store in Amsterdam town and it's dedicated to those with a sweet tooth; Le Petit Vloer, of which Gloria would approve, I'm sure. Although I couldn't see any aniseed rings, I'm sure she'd have found something tasty.
Beautiful little treats, I have a very yummy mini lemon meringue tart.
I think I'm hooked. Just how petit I'll stay with this a stone's throw away I'm not sure... ah, and they do coffee to go, as you can see on their beautiful signage.Le Petit Vloer cakes & coffee, Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 1, 1015 RX Amsterdam.

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