Monday, 29 March 2010

sign of the times

Continuing on with my exploring my own city theme, today I have something lovely to share. This is the Lijnbaansgracht, right near my house (this is not the treat, this is just a nice canal). As I said in a previous post, last Sunday was just glorious so the man and I walked about the neighbourhood looking at the buildings, the amazing type, and also the stone tablets.
The story goes that in old cities streets had no names and numbers so if you needed to find someone, you had to know the name of the house.A modern take.
The internets tell me that this is the hand of God, appearing from a cloud, writes a text, i.e., creates the world. This can be seen on the house in the Egelantiersstraat 52.
Some more modern stones. Nice that the tradition is being kept alive.
Baker's stone.

This is one of my favourites.
Some tablets show animals. Apparently, D' VLIEGENDE VO is the incorrect spelling of the name of an ship, De vliegende vos ('the flying fox'), but the animal depicted here resembles the winged horse that is shown at the Eerste Looiersdwarsstraat 29 too. And I'n not sure what the connection to the brushes are. Found at Blauwburgwal 1.

So, when you're wandering around the streets of Amsterdam, don't forget to look up and marvel.

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