Monday, 1 March 2010

xtotl - Toby Morris

One of the guys I work with, Toby Morris, is an amazing illustrator and cartoonist. Just brilliant. Toby captures the essence of Amsterdam life to a tee. His fab blog will have you smiling and nodding as you revisit those classic moments I'm sure you've all experienced.
These are some of my fave's. Capturing the life and characters I love.This year's project, '200 people I use to know' looks pretty rad as well...
"Wellington College canteen guy, 1994-1998: Running a canteen for 1200 hungry pent-up smartarse teenage boys is a job for someone with a sense of humour, a calm temperament and a long fuse. Barry Wong had none of those attributes. He was awesome."
You can also see Toby's handy work in Amsterdam's monthly Time Out publication. The above illustration was in Janruary's edition. So be sure to check out!

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