Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Today I'm sharing American artist Scott Hove and his delectable exhibition, Cakeland. "Cakeland is a series of sculptures and installations resembling perfect delicious cakes – wall mounted, hanging and standing – and walk-through cake environments complete with their own lighting. The sculptures are formed using carvable rigid polyurethane foam and plywood. The installations are constructed of cardboard, plywood, and any found object that has a suitable form. They are frosted with a variety of acrylic media, using traditional cake decorating tools, and accessorized with fake fruit and other objects found in stores or on the street." Top, and above: Black Cherry, 24”h x 44”w x 15”d, 2010.
VLC - Very Large Chandelier, 70” h x 90” w, 2010
Cakeland, Cakeland Gallery, 2009. Take a 360 degree tour of the vault.
Baby Cake, 19”h x 16”w x 12”d, 2010.
Cake of Bad Feng Shui, 23”h x 18”w x 10”d, 2010.

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