Monday, 12 April 2010


Mr E and I took advantage of the long Easter weekend and jumped on a train to Strasbourg, France! 8.5hr from Amsterdam, it sounds like a bit of a trek, but once you're on the train we just sat back and relaxed. So much less stressful than flying. I didn't really know what to suspect from Strasbourg, all tucked away up in the top eastern corner of France, but wow - that's quite a little corner pocket of land those Frenchies have. Yes, indeedy.
To start with, they've put a whopping great big pink sandstone catherderal, Cathedrale Notre Dame, in the town square with some rather lovely and quite crazy monster carvings.And amongst all the monsters is a rather lovely little dog.
Fabulous ginger-bread looking buildings and roof tops.
It's really like walking into a fairytale.
Take a trip on the canal boat for a lovely cruise around the city.Gotta love a your water foul.
Really odd working babies stone carvings...
Some rad chairs.
Cute windows. I'm such a sucker for some shutters and a bit of ironwork.
Along with signage.
Little wonky church.

Damn, more cute window shutter action.
The food was incredible. Everywhere we ate we stuffed ourselves silly.
I think this was one of my favourite houses. I just love that this framework is all over the shop.
And this is Le Petite France. Packed with 16th and 17th century houses, they were originally the houses of the fishermen, tanners and millers.
With a population of just under half a million, it's actually quite a cosmopolitan little city. Importantly from a design point of view, actually for everyone, Johannes Gutenberg perfected his revolutionary printing press here in about 1434 to 1444. Ok. Now back to food. Strasbourg is a little gastronomic hot spot. The food was just incredible. We took Lonely Planet's advice and went to local joint Le Michel for the best quiche I think I've every had. It simply disintergrated on my tongue! A great lunch spot. If you're looking for a fab dinner restaurant, try L'Assiette du Vin. The food was just incredible and they have an extensive wine list also. For something extra special, try Au Crocodile.
Yes...there are a lot of pics, it was all too sweet.There are some incredible patisseries. Will get you the name of this one soon as I can dig up the buisness card...oppsy.
Last thing I'll share are these charming alphabet illustrations I found in antique shop Bastian & Fils on the town square. The owner of the store drew this alphabet for his children. You can buy cards or bigger prints, black and white or coloued. The cards are €3 each.
So, that was Strasbourg.


inaluxe said...

wow, wow, wow - what an amazing adventure. Strasbourg is so beautiful! your photos made me feel like I was there - almost. actually, they made me WISH I lived there! so cool! xo

Lola said...

Gorgeous pictures! I am daydreaming I am in Strasbourg. :)

I am following your blog.