Thursday, 13 May 2010


Public holiday! Well, it was a week or so ago and what else to do when the city shuts down, but jump on a train and head to another! Mr E and I trained to Cologne, or Köln. The type above is just fantastic.First stop was a stone's throw (literally) from the train station. I have to admit I was a little bit "oh...not another church..." about it all, but it turned out to be a fab piece of architecture. I'm not religious, but I can appreciate the work that goes into a mosaic floor, or a stained glass panel.
It's the biggest cathedral in Germany. So there.
And the glass was interesting of varying ears were stunning.
This pixel pattern was especially nice. Scrambled window image. Nice.
And from the outside. And then I was back to type-hunting.
Walking by the waterfront.
I'm not sure what this building is for, something official I guess with the emblem on the side. But whatever it's for, I love it. So gorgeous!
A lovely square and another church!This was all but destroyed by war, but has been restored to glory. Great glass work here also, of a repetitive pattern that looks like flowing fabric. Actually it's one of the only stain glass windows that makes design sense, as that's made to be seen at a distance and is less interesting the closer you get to it.
More wonderful typography.
And some street art.
I just liked these curtains.
Funny tower with strange double horse heads coming off one window. What's going on there then kids?!
Habitat for the homeless.
Lego! I forgot there's a fab Lego store here. One day I will go to Legoland...!

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