Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Italian today

Today is not sunny. But last Wednesday was and a few of my colleagues and I jumped in a boat and went on a little lunch time cruise. Why? Just 'cause you can in Amsterdam! We headed to de Pijp to visit an Italian restaurant and take-away: Today's.
Sourcing their produce from their homeland the store is filled to the brim with beautifully packaged tins and packages and jars of yumminess. Italian food as you've never experienced it! The delicacies are just delectable!Mouth watering lasagna, pastas, stews, fresh baked breads, and divine cakes.
So the next day the weather looks like it's going to glorious, hop in your boat and swing down to de Pijp and grab some of Today's treats. Really, just look at all that grub! Get your laughing gear around some of that!
Today's - Saenredamstraat 26 HS, 1072CH Amsterdam.
Tel: (020) 7370870. Email:

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