Friday, 14 May 2010

Key to my heart

Ok. So this was amazing, and we nearly missed it. As our train was pulling up to Cologne's central station I noticed something strange on the fencing over the bridge that leads into the station. Locks. Hundreds upon thousands of locks. Now what's all that about? Mr. E and I investigated. No, it had nothing to do with art. Nor Greenpeace that was in town. It's actually all about love, actually.
Declarations of love. These locks came in all shapes and sizes, with the lovers names written, scratched, engraved, or beaten into them.
The center most panel was the most packed. There's a lotta love out there.
A lot.
And if the love lasts, and little 'un or five follow, why, just add a little lock for them too. Sweet.
Still Water State Prison, Minnesota? ...Interesting.

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