Friday, 28 May 2010


Westerpark. It's a stone's throw from my house and it's a swell park. Something for everyone. There's heaps of cafes and bars like de Bakkers Winkel, among others. You've got art...More art. And secret hideaway cafes like the Wester Gasterrace below.
And lush lush green. Look, there's a waterfall in the distance there. Kid you not.
A pedestrian/bike/dog-walking path that circles the park is a lovely way to stretch the legs. In the middle of the park there's a children's petting zoo. How cool is that?! Kinderboerderij Westerpark: Overbrakerpad 10 Amsterdam. Tel: 020 682 2193. Entry is free.
A nature reserve in the wetlands is a gorgeous place to get lost amongst the giant reeds and plants.
Or just sit and watch the day go by. Paddling pool for the kids and lots of green. Not a lot of trees and thus shade, be warned.
The original and oldest part of the park is really beautiful and in full bloom now. Zoe loved this pool.
All this, right on our doorstep. Lucky old us.

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