Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Queen's Day 2010

So Queen's Day has come and gone for another year. The day started off pretty subdued, but things picked up one the sun decided to show it's face.
I wondered the streets meeting up with friends trying to lighten their loads and found a few bargains along the way.Brio stackable chef! €3. This is going in the attic.
Duck and duckling pull toy, no maker mark. €1! And up the the attic it goes...
Paper-cut picture. €1.Little tin of Machwitz Kaffee. Very politically incorrect, but graphically very lovely. I was quite surprised to see they're actually still using the same graphics, and the same little tin...interesting. It's a German company. €1.
Dresses! I know I have sworn off clothes for a year...but I've been very very good! I swear! This little gold triangles, €10.
Never-worn 'Lorino "B"' Milano dress. €10.
Floral print dress. €10.
Lastly, 80's white-cream skirt. €2.50.
Love the triangle netting detail on the pocket.A selection of old maps, some very beautiful - for free! They're going to make fab gift-wrap this year...And that's all, until next year...

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