Tuesday, 22 June 2010

vintage new york

I love vintage clothes. And I love shopping for them. A lot of vintage stores though are pretty dodgy and a bit manky. Not so with this delightful store: Daha Vintage. Located at 175 Orchard Street in the lower east side. Yes, that's a Pucci waistcoat hanging up....
And they have a fabulous selection of shoes! The fabric below is a sneak peak of their summer dress collection.
So nice... but I was such a good gal and just took pics.
The store is spacious and lovely.
Further up the road, on 9th street, you'll find a nice selections of vintage stores. Two of my favourite stores. I can't remember the exact number or name of this one, but it's on East 9th street.
Along with Cobblestones at 314 East 9th. I got a fab handbag here last time...this time my will was tougher and I managed to resist.
And that's vintage shopping this trip! Strictly window shopping this time.

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